Gaining the support and direction when investing and starting a business from a mentor can be of great value. We are constant developing a pool of experienced and talented volunteer business mentors that offer their time to help you as a startup and both experienced and new angel investor.

Advantages of being a Mentor

Enthusiastic about start-ups, and angel acceleration? you could mentor a first-time entrepreneur backed by the angel accelerator programme. Business owners both start-ups, new and experienced angel investors can benefit by mentoring which is an important part of our accelerator programme. A few hours a month, you can help and support a talented entrepreneur & founders on their journey from start up to profitable business.


With access to sector experts, great contacts at the local level and decades of experience in investing in early-stage businesses, we’re well equipped to help you on your investor journey.


The accelerator offers free access to opportunities that will enhance your knowledge of early-stage investing. From workshops about the basics to more detailed briefings on new, cutting edge technologies and you will even get access.

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