Accelerating Angel Investments


Angel investors help to improve the world sadly there are not enough angel investors. Most people think there are angel and entrepreneurs everywhere

We need makes more Angel investors, training people on how to invest in start-ups in a safe, guided selected program.

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About Us

We Accelerate Angel Investors

We Accelerate Angel Investors

Seekrs accelerates angel investors by training new investors that aspires to become angel investors and existing angel investors to accelerate the process.  In the course of the training, we connect angels investors to carefully selected start-ups, founders and entrepreneurs with investment opportunities that drive impact which does address the 17 sustainable development goals (SDG’s) and ESG compliant.  We connect investors with start-up and deal flow into the UK, Africa USA, and ASIA.

Our Services

Our services including the following 

Training Program

Our training accords entrepreneurs and Angel investors who are pivotal the growth of startups. It delivers not only the necessary knowledge on how to invest in startups, but understanding in making investments.

Deal Flow

We have access to deal flow from our angel accelerator where startup come to pitch their businesses ideas to our trained participants. We also get deals from our other partners.

Raising Funds

Our angel accelerator program accords us the opportunity to meet experienced angels, new angels, angel networks and fund managers and pool of investors that can invest in startups.


We run a series of workshops and training events both online and offline for more information contact us.

Investor and Startups

When it comes to investment, knowing where to start, how to select your investment, and making an educated decision is what Seekrs assist you in doing. We can connect you with the right investment.


Get mentored by one of our carefully selected pool of mentors who experienced in guiding startups and new angel investors.


We have good reviews from our participants and clients.

”I became an angel investor by accident and was lucky with my first investors though scary, after my angel investor training Seekrs, one of the angel accelerator groups, I am more confident as an angel investor.”
Angel investor
”The angel accelerator training has helped me tremendously as a new angel investor I was guided and support when I made my first investment.”
New Angel investor
”Even though I am an experienced angel investor the accelerator training program helped me to increase my investment selection since I was thoughts how conduct due diligence and red the red and yellow flags.”
Angel investor
”The hands investing made it possible for to invest into two start-up opportunities at the end of the training program thanks to Seekrs”
”I am no longer afraid to choose the investment opportunities since I can deconstruct pitch decks and analysis financial projections better. The training is well worth attending.”
Investor & Mentor

Ready to get started?

Our Angel Accelerator Program can help angel investors invest right and startups raise seed money fast, get in touch!!